Soft Opening

Camber Brewing Company is proud to announce we will be opening our doors on 4/26/19 at 12:00 noon!  We appreciate your interest throughout the process of this wonderful adventure and can’t thank you enough for your support.  

So what will comprise our ‘soft opening’?  We will have 4 beers on tap (maybe a fifth?) while figuring out what works and what doesn’t.  Your feedback is always extremely important to us, but during this time more than ever!  If you have a recommendation before your visit, while at the brewery, or after your visit, we encourage everyone to speak up and let us know what we did well and what we can improve upon!

The beers we will feature on opening day will be:

A fruity and smooth Cream Ale (Green Circle)

A light-bodied, low ABV Spring Mocha Stout (Blue Square)

A malty, incredibly balanced Hoppy Amber (Blue Square)

And our exploding fruit-bomb Apricot Wheat (Bunny)

If you aren’t quite sure what gives with the ski slope designations, take a look at our Hop Intensity Scale to find what in Sam Hill we're talking about!

We hope you decide to join us on our opening weekend, or shortly thereafter!  Bring a friend or two and enjoy some beer, games, and conversation.  If the weather’s nice we may even open a window (ooo la la!)