About US

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We started with a crazy idea…

Nick and Karen moved to Fraser from Denver in September 2017 in hopes to find a better work/life balance, better surroundings to fit our lifestyle, and a community we can contribute to and count on. After several months, Nick realized Fraser had a glaring need that had yet to be addressed in the small Colorado mountain town: a brewery!

While Nick has only been brewing beers for ~6 years, his thirst for knowledge on how to improve his technique and repertoire has fueled his ability to make consistently stellar beers of all types. His mentor, who has brewed in a home and professional setting for 10+ years, has been an integral part of his growth as a brewer. However, as he will tell you repeatedly in conversation, there is always room to improve.

Camber Brewing Company is a mostly self-funded venture, and we are no ‘trust fund kids’. The vast majority of the work to build the business and renovate the space we are currently in was done by Nick and Karen themselves, with some help from friends and family along the way (thank you all)!

So stop on by and grab a pint or three! We love conversation and love to meet new people over a beer even more!