Hop Intensity scale

We strive to ensure everyone gets a beer they will truly enjoy to the last drop every time they order, so in an effort to help people understand what they are ordering, we have given each of our beers a label in an ode to the difficulty scale of the snow sports we all know and love.  



No/Very Low Hop Presence; usually light and fluffy – like a bunny rabbit!


Green Circle

Some Hop Presence; not a prevalent taste in the beer


Blue Square

Hop Presence; an integral part of the beer’s taste, but not what most would consider bitter


Black Diamond

Clearly Hop-Forward; a good portion of the beer’s taste derived from hops


Double Black Diamond

Bittering Hops Used Liberally; very bitter and only recommended if a lot of hops make you a hoppy person.



This can mean a lot of things, but usually something off the wall and hard to classify!